New Artwork!



All rights reserved to Lucas Kackman. 2014

10.14.14 ~ New Poster & Postcard Print

I seem to have developed a following of sorts. I keep seeing repeat customers for yearly events. Northern Expressions Art Collective is one such customer. I have had the pleasure of designing all event posters, postcards and fliers for their local events. Patrick Weber has given me free design creativity, typically he just gives me the theme and a rough idea for his artwork, and I get to be as creative as I want. The poster and postcard above are for the upcoming food festival which is set around Halloween each year. This years theme was fairy-tales.







Hello. I'm Lucas.

I design, draw, print, photograph, tweak, carve, arrange...

more simply, I mess

with anything visual.

This site showcases many of my graphic design, photographic and Illustrative works.

                                I currently live, work

and play in Duluth, MN. An outdoor wonderland if there ever was one.


Check back for regular updates and new design projects.