New Artwork!



All rights reserved to Lucas Kackman. 2014

5.19.14 ~ New Poster Design "Pete Fest 2014"

The client wanted a poster with an eye catching design for a 4 day music festival at a local venue. This worked out quite well.


4.23.14 ~ New Logo Design "Literary Order of the Easy Keys"

Another fun Freelancer project. The client wanted to turn a hand drawing of the "bear" artwork and turn it into a logo for a book press. This was a fun use of existing hand drawn artwork, now digitized for proper use. 





Hello. I'm Lucas.

I design, draw, print, photograph, tweak, carve, arrange...

more simply, I mess

with anything visual.

This site showcases many of my graphic design, photographic and Illustrative works.

                                I currently live, work

and play in Duluth, MN. An outdoor wonderland if there ever was one.


Check back for regular updates and new design projects.