New Artwork!



12.15.14 ~ New Card Design Print

I love to do work for local companies. I get to see my designs floating around town when I am out and about. This time I got to design and print these fun little plastic membership cards for the Rex Bar here in Duluth.  The lettering logo was reset from a custom wall mural in the bar, and I think mine looks better then the original hand lettering. The full color print on plastic worked out better than expected, I hope to produce more plastic cards in the future.  






Hello. I'm Lucas.

I design, draw, print, photograph, tweak, carve, arrange...

more simply, I mess

with anything visual.

This site showcases many of my graphic design, photographic and Illustrative works.

                                I currently live, work

and play in Duluth, MN. An outdoor wonderland if there ever was one.


Check back for regular updates and new design projects.


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